super sweet self promo sites

Design Postimage's website earned gold recognition from the 2007 Horizon Interactive Awards, definitely a worthy feat noticeable when visiting the site. Chic flash dominates the site's entry page, where you can choose to view in French or English. Located in Montreal, the group's site highlights many of its film, web, and print projects, which include posters and publications for universities, movies, and magazines. The site's flash uses sophisticated transitions between pages and alternate windows. It is easily navigable while also appropriately colored and created to introduce its projects.

Stephen Arnold Music, a group that compiles theme songs and jingles for multimedia outlets, has created a fantastic flash-based site that perfectly matches its company's purpose. Another gold medal winner in the 2007 Horizon Interactive Awards, the site's nuances provide the ultimate atmosphere for the entertainment music group based in Dallas. In the upper right hand corner sits a television screen, on which plays all of their work. Even the items in the navigation bar fit into the music theme: the words flicker on rollover, intimating closely at the flickering sound and subsequent visual of a static radio signal. The company highlights its projects for companies including HBO, Comcast, Nokia, and CNN while emphasizing the importance of "sonic branding." Its mission statement "to create the aural equivalent of a graphic logo" is right on target with its award-winning site.

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