Looney Tunes Records

Pat McGrath moved to Boston in the late 1970s to study English at Boston University and, perhaps more importantly for him, to explore the variety of record stores around the city. McGrath immediately started working at Looney Tunes Records, then around the corner across from Berklee College of Music, and purchased the store in 1982 for almost nothing.

Since its inception in 1978, Looney Tunes has been buying, selling, trading, and discovering new and used vinyl records, cassettes, eight-tracks, and VHS tapes, and has added loads of CDs and DVDs to its repetoire over the years. The store, near three music conservatories at 1106 Boylston Street, boasts large speakers playing nonstop music outside seven days a week to lure customers.

After meeting owner Pat McGrath and his employees and friends, I quickly fell for the store's eclectic and insane appeal. They have proclaimed their love for music as a sickness, a sickness from which I, too, suffer. For over 30 years, Looney Tunes has been spreading this sickness to all those who wish to engulf themselves in its glory.

Looney Tunes from kristine on Vimeo.