Following the Path to Englightenment

Amidst the religious turmoil that has engulfed the classic and contemporary worlds stands a peaceful philosophy, a way of life inherent to human nature. Though the history of Buddhism strings together intricate stories of Buddhist monks to the Buddha himself, its story can, in fact, be relatively simple. At the Shambhala Meditation Center of Boston, community members share their practice with visitors and prospective Buddhist followers.

I have been working with the Boston Center for over a month, photographing and recording meditation sessions and the Center itself. My relationship with Shambhala extends past merely documenting the impetus for and mission of meditation: I have received meditation instruction myself and have joined the under-30 and community sessions on Tuesday and Wednesday nights... it really opens up your mind.

The Shambhala Boston website offers detailed information on upcoming events, guest instructors, and meditation groups.

Meditating in a Modern World from kristine on Vimeo.